Masseria Terre di Corillo

Nardò (LE), Italy


The project is intended to recuperate hte external areas of an antique fortified Masseria amongst the Saletinian (Apulia)’s countryside. Beacause of the building’s architectural and naturalistic complexit of the structure, the mediterranean garden has beeing chosen so that it could perfectly fit the landscape around it, without bearing down the evocative power of the place. The precence of water, as the important and essential element is always perceived, through pools, ninphaes pond, basins.


The garden recovers, on one side, th agricultural functions oft he Masseria, through the creation of a orchard and vegetable garden while, on the other side, through the realization of a green labirinth, aims at recall the splendor of the country villa as a playground and leisure place.

Milan NBCarchitettura is involved as for the project for the architectural aspect and Anita Bortolotti for the interiors and furnitures.